About Us

Fishing is one of the primary hobbies of people around the world and setting off on boat trips either for fresh water or salt water fishing is a much awaited occasion for diehard anglers. However, before doing so, it should be ensured that certain boat accessories are on board too, not only to make sure that the catch is aplenty but also from the point of view of safety.

Given these factors, it will naturally be a big help if there is a platform where information on various types of boating accessories can be accessed and their merits and usefulness can be discussed. Such a forum is blog site Isterlings which has all these and more.

We at Isterlings invite contributions from boat enthusiasts on what actually maximises their satisfaction on trips and what accessories they have on the boat. If you are one in this category, why don’t’ you write in with your experiences of handling specialised devices. It can be simple ones such as floats or more sophisticated equipment like electronic maps and fish finders.

It will be particularly useful if we get feedback from users of technologically advanced electronic equipment while on boat trips. It has been our experience that the description of products on online stores and their reviews are at the most sketchy. We invite opinion from actual users and how best to get the most out of the devices while on a trip.

Take the case of navigation equipment and fish finders. There are a lot of models available each with different distinct features. There is nothing better than real users guiding potential buyers on the merits and demerits of these devices.

Isterlings is your own special forum on boating accessories. We seek news and information and even trivia from boating enthusiasts on the accessories used by them or on which they have good knowledge and facts.