Must Have Boating Accessories

When you take your boat out in the waters either for fishing or simply to get away from it all for a few hours of solitude, there are certain boating accessories that you should have on board. Not only will you be safer and not lose the place from where you started, your comfort levels on the boat will also go up a few notches.

Boat accessories can be categorised into definite components. The main ones are –

Navigation Equipment and Fish Finders –These come in various price ranges but buy the multi use top end ones. These have high resolution touch screen display, integrated wireless and Bluetooth connectivity and several other features. What is particularly useful for anglers is that there will be detailed maps of inland and coastal regions, fishing hotspots, harbor charts and port information and other information about fishing restrictions in certain areas. All these can be downloaded and kept in an SD card for easy access anytime anywhere.

There are many other models with lesser features that are cheaper too.

Underwater Camera System – For high quality underwater viewing, this is the accessory to have, both for adventure enthusiasts and the avid angler. High resolution crystal clear images will be beamed back through a video output jack to a TV, giving you a clear idea of fish lurking below the surface. IR lighting for ultra high visibility and full water immersion up to a depth of 1m are other important characteristics of this device. Surely a must have boat accessory at an affordable price.

Handheld VHF/GRMS Floating Radio – This handheld radio helps you keep in touch however far you may drift off on your boat. It receives weather alerts and has a “SAY AGAIN” feature that replays missed VHF calls if you have missed out on any. Most importantly, it has a floating design so even if you drop it overboard accidentally, you can retrieve it easily. The radio comes with a belt clip and an AC/DC charging stand.

Outboard motor accessories and parts – Have these essentials on board and treat it as a survival kit. Motor accessories, extra fuel tanks, extra cables, spill proof gasoline containers and Propeller lock are some of them. You should also have colourful floats to mark your place and get your bearings right should your boat drift away in tides from your original location and mooring point.

On Board Battery Charger – This should be considered by you to be one of the essentials before you embark on a trip. Drained batteries or lack of power can get you stranded in the middle of nowhere. The best are solar powered portable chargers that will keep your devices going. Have a spare battery for the outboard motor should your main power source fail at any time. A crucial accessory is the lithium Jump Start Power Pack that delivers 2,000 amps of power; enough to jump start even 6L and 8L engines. Most importantly, it is a portable pack and can be easily carried on board. With this pack on board, you almost negate the chances of being adrift due to low batteries and power sources.

Apart from these survival accessories, there are lot other equipment that will help you out on an angling trip. Don’t forget downriggers, buckets, fishing rod holders and drift anchor harnesses.

Finally, take cleaning materials with you. These should include cleaning chemicals, cleaning tools and storage dry box. Once you have all these on the boat there should be no problems after you cast off.